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They were clearly very different than the ones that we had for “Depression Cherry,” so we just kept writing. You didn’t consider these songs as extras from “Depression Cherry”? But, you know, as the process goes along, you learn more and more about what you’ve actually got at some point, and [in] 2014, we decided that “Depression Cherry” would have the traditional release and that “Thank Your Lucky Stars” did not need a traditional release, and that we didn’t want to have to wait another 10 months to put out these songs, and that we’d want to play them on tour.Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally aka Beach House have been making dreamy synthy music for ten years, each album managing to one-up the last while staying true to a very Beach House vibe.Yeah definitely, so you're about to head back on tour? Over the past five years their union has produced of two of the most quietly magnificent albums of the past decade, carefully crafting the kind of dream pop that causes hearts to soar and tears to fall.Flower petals surf the occasional gust, and everything smells soapy-clean, like the entire park has been drenched in mild laundry detergent.They were unsure if they wanted to meet here given the title of their latest Beach House record, , and, in mentioning that, have underscored a potentially cheesy thing that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.I've heard people who say if I go someplace, maybe someone else will go too, it's all being translated in the music.

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This weekend, the Baltimore duo Beach House arrives in Los Angeles for two performances in support of its most recent work.I've been working, drawing, rehearsing for tour, been doing a bunch of things. So for me your music is kind of about creating a feeling and transporting the listener to a place, is that something that's at the front of your mind when you're writing an album?I guess I go to a place when I'm making something, on a good day that's what happens.Alex Scally and Victoria Legrand are sitting in a fully-bloomed flower garden, close to a bright patch of tulips.It’s a blustery spring day in Baltimore that oscillates between prickly heat and shocks of wind.There's a sense that your sound and themes have grown up album to album, has it felt like that from the inside? It's been over a decade, and we've grown up with all of this material and every album has been a reflection of the place that we've been at in our life — our past, future and present.