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For young children, the death of a major beloved character could be extremely upsetting.Other characters are bloodied, kicked, and cursed in frightening ways, and a very scary scene involving scary, skeletal characters is sure to scare the pants off of little kids.Grint has remained close friends with several of the Harry Potter cast members, and he revealed his mischievous side recently when it was revealed he has been charging food to his co-star Matthew Lewis’ restaurant tab for the last few months.Rupert Grint Could it be time for our first ginger Doctor?Gingers get a bad rap, but here's why you need to snag one ASAP.Admit it: When you think of gingers, you think of them as being pale and freckle-faced goofballs.

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This film continues the series' trend toward darker, more intense material.

It came up for sale and I managed to buy it fairly cheaply from a Canadian gallery. I was meant to pick up an award for Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire but I got there late, so Jarvis Cocker accepted on my behalf.

I had a great time mingling with The Arctic Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand, but I find myself a bit tongue-tied in the company of my pop heroes. If I bump into Alan Titchmarsh or an East Enders actor, I lose the ability to speak.

I’m sitting in a pushchair, surrounded by lots of people. I’m looking at a large birthday cake in the shape of a train and I’m watching my mum cut the first slice. Then, at the age of 11, I was cast as Ron Weasley, and my life completely changed. Everyone looks a bit weird at festivals, so a man dressed as an alligator is not going to stand out. In the new Postman Pat film, I get to sing a song called Struck By Lightning, which is a bit of a toe-tapper. Throw an idea at me and I’ll turn it into a crayon sculpture – anything from a baby squirrel to Harvey Keitel’s head.

I’m thinking, ‘Life is good.’ I wouldn’t say I was a mischievous child but I was very manipulative, particularly with my younger brother. I’ve always fancied myself as a singer but I know I’m not very good. My favourites are busts of Shakespeare, Abraham Lincoln and Bill Murray. Then, at the age of 11, I was cast as Ron Weasley, and my life completely changed.