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Just when you thought things were calming down for Silver, think again. When she starts her recovery, she’s going to struggle with big time with [big sis] Kelly, who wants her to go to bed at a certain time and take medication and not do too much or be influenced by outside people. I just remember thinking she’s everything I thought and more. When she arrived it was like, "Donna Martin is back on the 90210 set – Aaaaaaaaaa! That was wild, but she was an old pro handling all that. Do you think you did enough in last week's episode to separate Silver from the infamous Emily? I wanted the audience to know something was very, very wrong – you know, if they couldn’t tell from the tattoo, the sex tape, the burning. It was a lot of crying and monologues – they actually cut out a lot of the rants I was supposed to deliver that were in the original script – but I was really pleased with the outcome. When someone is manic depressive, it’s a lifelong disease. She wants the support of everyone, but she’s feeling lonely and embarrassed. She and Dixon will struggle because Dixon wants a normal life with her.
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The singer and dancer's demanding careers may be what's to blame for their split -- Toscano is currently working on her first album and Ballas is getting busy with "DWTS" partner Kristen Cavallari.