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Motherboard EVGA 132-LF-E657 performed on the printed circuit board in black and equipped with a 12 2 phase power system, four slots for DDR3 memory and expansion slots, three PCI-Express x16 support SLI mode, and Cross Fire X.

There are six ports SATA II, two port Gigabit Ethernet, integrated 7.1 channel audiochip, as well as LED debugging.

ELIZA was developed at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in the mid-'60s by Joseph Weizenbaum.

It became known that the company is developing another EVGA motherboard based on chipset Intel P55.

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In addition, there is a slot for flash-memory module, which, however, can be removed from the final version, and click Power, Reset and Clear CMOS.

The release of the motherboard EVGA 132-LF-E657 to be held within one month after the first processors Lynnfield, scheduled for 6 September.

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