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Craig La Ban: Anytime you order a whole fish, an errant bone or two is just part of the deal. Tootsie's on South Street (and Keven Parker's stand in the Reading Terminal Market), and Deborah's Kitchen, a humble but delicious soul food takeout nook in Brewerytown where I also like the smothered turkey chops. Places like Martha and Hungry Pigeon (my review subject this weekend), where I drank a dry, tart farmhouse ale, Extra Neutron. I'm also a big fan of rosé; they are so flexible for warm-weather eating.

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The second most common search term is one I understand better than any other.We've recently discovered just how important someone's star sign is to our members.Bearing in mind that there are 12 signs of the zodiac and one option entitled 'who cares?Love Digits is an alternative service that integrates ancient astrology into current online dating trends to help two individuals better understand their compatibility, without relying on the standard matching processes now used by many online dating platforms.To find out more about this unique service, we spoke to long-term astrology enthusiast and Love Digits CEO, Nirja Mahenthiran, During the interview, Mahenthiran explains the advantages of using Love Digits over other compatibility services, and how they plan to grow the app over the coming months.The second most popular star sign in people's searches is earth sign Capricorn.